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Lab Alumni Blog

Jennifer Felder, PhD


Dr. Jennifer Felder completed her clinical internship at Duke University in 2015, and is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Francisco in the Preterm Birth Initiative and the Psychology and Medicine T32 fellowship program. Dr. Felder studies perinatal sleep, mood, stress, and health outcomes (such as preterm birth). As a graduate student at University of Colorado Boulder, Dr. Felder served as a clinical interviewer, data manager, and assisted with data analyses for an NIMH-funded study testing mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) for the prevention of perinatal depression. Our research team (PIs: Drs. Dimidjian and Goodman) found that MBCT adapted for the perinatal period is feasible and acceptable to pregnant women, and associated with significantly lower rates of depressive relapse compared to usual care.  These findings have important public health implications, as preventive approaches may have unique benefit in averting the acute and long-lasting risks associated with perinatal depression.  However, many perinatal women do not receive depression care, highlighting the need to increase access to. In a study of men and women at risk for depression, web-based delivery of MBCT (Mindful Mood Balance; MMB) was feasible and associated with significantly greater reductions in residual depressive symptoms compared to matched-case controls (PIs: Drs. Dimidjian and Segal). For her dissertation, Dr. Felder extended this work to examine the MMB program in pregnant women at risk for depressive relapse. Participants demonstrated engagement with the program, reported perceiving benefits in the intended depression prevention targets of MMB, and sustained minimal to mild depressive symptom severity over the course of the program despite being at risk for depressive relapse. Dr. Felder has also examined the feasibility and efficacy of other novel delivery formats, including a public health teen parent education program and group prenatal care. Through her clinical and research work, Dr. Felder has become increasingly interested in the role that sleep plays in the development and maintenance of depression during the perinatal period.  She is leading the UCSF Research on Expecting moms and Sleep Therapy (REST) Study to examine a digital cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia program for pregnant women. 

Below is a selected list of peer-reviewed and in preparation publications.

1.    Felder, J.N., Epel, E., Lewis, J.B., Cunningham, S., Tobin, J.N., Schindler Rising, S., Thomas, M., & Ickovics, J.R. (In press).  Effect of Group Prenatal Care on Depressive Symptoms and Associations with Preterm Birth: A Cluster Randomized Control Trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

2.    Kleiber, B.V., Felder, J.N., Ashby, B., Scott, S., & Dimidjian, S. (In press). Treating depression among adolescent perinatal women with a dialectical behavior therapy informed skills group. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.

3.    Felder, J.N., Laraia, B., Coleman-Phox, K., Bush, N., Suresh, M., Thomas, M., Adler, N., Epel, E., & Prather, A. (In press). Poor sleep quality, psychological distress, and the buffering effect of mindfulness training during pregnancy. Behavioral Sleep Medicine.

4.    Felder, J.N., Segal, Z., Beck, A., Sherwood, N.E., Goodman, S., Boggs, J., Lemon, E., & Dimidjian, S. (In press). An open trial of web-based mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for perinatal women at risk for depressive relapse.  Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.

5.    Felder, J.N., Lemon, E., Shea, K., Kripke, K., & Dimidjian, S. (2016). Role of Self-compassion in psychological well-being among perinatal women. Archives of Women’s Mental Health, 19, 687-690.

6.    Dimidjian, S., Goodman, S.H., Felder, J.N., Gallop, R., Brown, A., & Beck, A.  (2016). Staying well during pregnancy and the postpartum: A pilot randomized trial of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for the prevention of depressive relapse/recurrence. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 84, 134-145.

7.    Dimidjian, S., Beck, A., Felder, J.N., Boggs, J., Gallop, R., & Segal, Z., (2014). Web-based Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for reducing residual depressive symptoms:  An open trial and quasi-experimental comparison to propensity score matched controls.  Behaviour Research and Therapy, 63, 83-89.

8.    Felder, J.N., Banchefsky, S., Park, B., & Dimidjian, S. (Under revision). Public attitudes about and warmth towards depression perinatal women and men.

9.    Felder, J.N., Baer, R.J., Rand, L., Jelliffe-Pawlowski, L.L., & Prather, A.A. (Under review). Sleep disorder diagnosis during pregnancy and risk of preterm birth.

10. Felder, J.N., Epel, E.S., Coccia, M., Puterman, E., Prather, A.A. (Under review). Effects of daily maladaptive coping on nightly sleep in mothers.

11. Felder, J.N., Roubinov, D., Bush, N., Coleman-Phox, K., Laraia, B., Adler, N., & Epel, E. (In prep). Effect of prenatal mindfulness training on depressive symptom severity through 18-months postpartum: A latent class analysis.

12. Roubinov, D., Felder, J.N., Coleman-Phox, K., Laraia, B., Adler, N., Epel, E., & Bush, N. (In prep). Maternal depressive symptoms and children’s receipt of healthcare: The moderating influence of mindfulness-based treatment.