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Una Madre a Otra

Una madre a otra

(One Mother to Another)

We are working to provide mental health care for all mothers. 

Latina women living in the United States have been found to have rates of depression during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and when compared to African American and White women, depression rates are higher for Latinas, even after controlling for differences in education, employment, and marital status. Although the gap between the need for mental health care and the ability to access it impacts all families at all income levels, the situation is especially dire for monolingual Spanish-speaking Latinos in many regions, including Colorado. In many settings, there are no bilingual mental health providers, and few have bilingual, bicultural providers. Latina women also are more likely than White women to endorse stigma concerns in talking to healthcare providers about mental health issues, and stigma has been identified as a barrier for both mental health treatment seeking and treatment adherence. 

Novel delivery approaches to delivering mental health services that are less stigmatizing may be needed. Our una madre a otra project project aims to develop innovative methods to overcome barriers to care so that the urgent problem of treating depression among Spanish-speaking perinatal women can be addressed. Specifically, we are working to create a Spanish, culturally responsive program to deliver the core skills of Behavioral Activation by peers for women who are depressed during pregnancy and early parenting.

This project is an active, engaged collaboration between our team at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Valley Settlement Project. The Valley Settlement Project, located in rural Colorado, is a two-generation approach to increased school readiness and elementary school achievement and family economic stability (see for more information about The Valley Settlement Project history and programs). It also is an active collaboration with Peggy Hill and Anna Joseph of the National Behavioral Health Innovation Center in the Office of the Chancellor at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (

This work is generously supported by the Colorado Health Foundation, the Hemera Foundation, the Piton Foundation, and the National Behavioral Health Innovation Center.