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Mindful Mood Balance for Moms

Mindful Mood Balance for Moms


Depression among mothers during the perinatal period is a major public health problem, with consequences that can be enduring for women and their children. Specifically, for women, depression during the perinatal period is associated with an increased risk of physical health, social support, and parenting problems, as well as future episodes of depression. For children, depression among mothers during pregnancy and early parenting is associated with child emotional problems across domains and ages. Preventing depression among mothers during pregnancy and postpartum is of clear and obvious benefit for women and children and society at large. Our groundbreaking work on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and its specific application for at-risk pregnant and postpartum women has demonstrated that prevention is possible

The focus on the Mindful Mood Balance program for Moms is to connect women who are at risk for perinatal depression with training in skills that prevent depressive relapse and promote well-being for both women and their children. The ultimate goal is to protect pregnant and postpartum women and their children from depression. We are currently developing innovative tools that will allow us to scale the effective intervention of MBCT for at-risk pregnant and postpartum women; specifically, we aim to customize our existing web-based and mobile delivery platform called Mindful Mood Balance.  We will evaluated the implementation of MMB for Moms, measuring maternal and infant wellbeing, as well as implementation outcomes. We will incorporate elements necessary to operate effectively at scale through dissemination as an online and smartphone based program. Key maternal and child outcomes will include maternal depression and well-being, satisfaction with the program, and maternal report of early childhood development. Key community impact outcomes will include rates of referral and uptake in clinical settings and consumer facing delivery, community engagement with the program, and costs of marketing, hosting, and program maintenance. 

Mindful Mood Balance for Moms is a collaboration among multiple entities. This includes The National Behavioral Health Innovation Center (NBHIC) in the Office of the Chancellor at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and Kaiser Permanente of Colorado. The team is also engaging experts in the problem of depression among mothers during pregnancy and the postpartum and early childhood development (Sherryl Goodman, Ph.D., Professor, Emory University, Department of Psychology, Emory University) and technology-based solutions to delivering mindfulness-based interventions (Dr. Zindel Segal, Ph.D., University of Toronto, Scarborough).