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Research studies are an important part of understanding mental health and developing new and more effective treatments. CU CREST conducts a variety of studies which range from testing new types of therapy to investigating the structure and function of the brain using MRI scanning. The success of our clinical research is made possible by the volunteers who chose to participate in these studies.

Participation in research begins with a brief set of questions, either by phone with one of the study staff, or completed online, to determine if you are eligible for the study, and that it would be safe for you to participate. After one of the study staff members determines that you are eligible to participate, the study will be explained to you in more detail, including any potential risks or aspects of participating that may be uncomfortable. Once you fully understand the study you’ll be able to decide if you would still like to participate, and if you do, you’ll sign a consent form and be enrolled in the study.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the studies listed on our website, or would like to participate, please call CU CREST at (303) 492-7378 to speak to a research coordinator, or email us at

Current Research Studies & Opportunities

Child and Family Well-being Project

Mindful Mood Balance

Moms For Moms

The Body Project

Una Madre


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