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The Body Project

The Body Project

On this page:

  1. What is the Body Project?
  2. Why participate in the Body Project?
  3. How can I participate in the Body Project?
  4. Contact information for the Body Project team
  5. Learn about the Body Project study at CU-Boulder

1) What is the Body Project?

  • The Body Project is a cognitive dissonance* based body acceptance program demonstrated to help adolescent girls and college increase body image confidence.
  • This program helps people resist pervasive societal standards of idealized female beauty that undermine women’s self acceptance
  • The Body Project was developed for undergraduate women, and it is run by undergraduate peer leaders under the supervision of faculty members in the Psychology and Neuroscience Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • For more information (including research articles supporting the effectiveness of the Body Project) please visit:

*Cognitive dissonance is a the discomfort that arises from the discrepancy that comes from one’s belief system and behaviors. For example, if you consider yourself environmentally committed, but don’t recycle you might experience cognitive dissonance.

2) Why Participate in the Body Project?

  • The Body Project has been scientifically demonstrated to reduce thin ideal internalization, body dissatisfaction, and unhealthy behaviors related to eating.
  • The program is fun!
  • It only takes two, 2-hour group sessions
  • The Body Project builds community and helps groups of women develop a shared understanding and commitment to body acceptance

3) How Can I Participate in the Body Project?

  • Groups for Spring 2017 are currently running! If you would like to be a peer leader in the future ... please check back in the fall of 2017.

4) Contact information for the Body Project team

  • You can send an email to the - click here to email us a question. 
  • You can also reach out to Dr. Sam Strife ( directly with any questions about this project at CU-Boulder.