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1777 Exposition Drive
Boulder, CO 80309

(303) 492-7378

About Us

About Us


CU CREST is home to an amazing, engaged community of researchers, clinicians, students, and friends, joined by a commitment to psychological science and its practical application to improve the lives of people struggling with mental health challenges.

Concretely, our name highlights our commitment to the use of scientific research to develop improved clinical services and training methods. Symbolically, our name features the image of a “crest” as a reminder to strive for the highest peak in our work. 

Our logo was designed by Dr. Dimidjian’s daughter, Serena Langdon-Dimidjian, and graduate student Elizabeth Lemon to convey the path of excellence and innovation as we work to build new knowledge about mental health challenges and the potential for sustained well-being. Our progress along this path is measured by our capacity to identify more powerful and empowering treatment and prevention approaches and to make this knowledge more accessible in our communities.